Public Outreach

Artist’s impression of the exoplanet Tau Boötis b, Credit: ESO/L. Calçada

I believe public outreach is most important for scientists in general but especially for astrophysicists. Doing research on such an interesting and easy to understand topic such as exoplanets allows me to engage the public and arouse interest not only for exoplanets but for astrophysics and nature sciences in general. As our research is not funded by industry but mainly, if not exclusively, by the public, I also feel the moral duty to give something back. The research on exoplanets might have huge impacts on our view of the world; if one day life will be detected in another stellar system this might influence our self understanding in unimaginable amounts. Raising the awareness hopefully will only trigger a general interest for science but also prepare us for this day when we find out that we are not alone.

I am trying to take part in public outreach activities of institutes i am working at. I gave several public presentations on exoplanets and interviews in regards to exoplanets. Below you can find a list of some of my outreach activities.

Jan 2018, background apperance on a tv report on Prof. Heike Rauer and the planetary research in Berlin. RBB ZIBB. Link to Mediathek.

May 2017, public presentation at the “Planetarium am Insulaner Berlin” about Exoplanet missions and projects.

May 2017, presentation on Exoplanet observation at the DLR, Berlin Adlershof, for visitors of

Dezember 2016, podium discussion,Treffpunkt Wissenswerte mit Thomas Prinzler, Inforadio (rbb), Big Data im Weltraum, Zeiss Großplanetarium Berlin.  Broadcast in Inforadio (rbb), Dez. 11. 9:22 & 19:22.

August 2016, Der Tagesspiegel, “Erdähnlicher Planet in der Nachbarschaft” (Interview on the detection of Proxima Centauri b). Articles based on the same interview were also published at Stuttgarter Zeitung, Südkurier, and Wiener Zeitung.

August 2016, Die Zeit, “Exoplanet Proxima b: Wohnen da jetzt die Aliens?” (Interview on the detection of Proxima Centauri b)

July 2016, Die Welt “Schöne neue Welten” (Interview on exoplanets)

Januar 2015,, “Auf der Suche nach der zweiten Erde”  (Interview to planet detection by Kepler)